7 Pieces of Marketing Advice to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In a span of 9 years, Instagram has grown to be a dominating platform in showcasing the evolution of varietal content. How did Instagram make it to the top social media apps of today? 

People love to capture moments they can no longer relive. With the advent of technology, photo-capturing has been made effortless with just a tap. A couple of taps is equal to a couple of saved memories on a digital storage.

Surprise! Instagram was the first social media app designed for photo-sharing that successfully launched in 2010 because of its impressive and memorable branding. Can you still remember the earliest Instagram features that got everybody lured? Instagram’s square image format, double-tapped heart, rustic and vintage filters all nailed it, branding itself as one of the insurmountable apps in the market.

Fast forward to the present, Instagram isn’t just for personal use anymore. It has become very useful in the marketing and advertising world. Do you own a business? Starting on a new one? Are you a salesperson? Instagram can help you build your brand and reach to a massive audience, should you employ it properly.

Why Should You Use Instagram For Marketing?

Let me convince you with two powerful reasons.

First, Instagram is considered one of the largest social networks in the world with over 1 billion monthly active users. With that said, there’s a little chance you won’t find your target audience on the platform. Maybe your potential consumers are just waiting for you to cater your content, don’t you think?

Second, Instagram is a titleholder of being the social media platform with the highest number of engagements. The population on Instagram do not visit the app only to sightsee, they engage with all energy and vigor! You have an enthusiastic crowd out there and you wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity of distributing your content.

Now, are you ready to learn some effective tips to develop your brand on Instagram?

Get your pen and paper, jot down while you peruse the rest of this article!

1. Quickly sign up for or switch to a business profile.

The primary advantage of doing this is being able to track the performance of the user’s posts through Instagram Insights (in the form of analytics or data statistics). This free feature is not accessible to a personal profile. As you examine these pieces of information, you will then have an idea which content works best and what actually doesn’t. You will get a record of the number of engagements and impressions over a certain time period. What’s more amazing is you will obtain detailed demographics of your followers.

Once you go for a business profile, you can add a contact button on your profile as well. You can post your contact details there and your followers can directly send you an email or give you a call–you will be much easier to reach for communication purposes re your business.

Another thing you can do with your business profile is to advertise it, make promoted posts or if you already have 10,000 followers, you can unlock the feature that allows you to include links on your Instagram stories. It has been reported that 75% of users are prompted to do actions favorable to businessmen like visiting a website after seeing posts.

2. Come up with entertaining, interactive and witty hashtags.

This step is a total game-changer. Users will most likely participate in the online posting. Once they do, it will give you an instant accelerated engagement. Why don’t you challenge your followers to post pictures of them with your products? You can also throw a thought-provoking question via graphic post and ask them to share their thoughts on the comment section using the same hashtag.

Do this more often and find more creative ways to execute it. Over time and great effort, you’ll be able to witness your brand growing successfully. Free advertising naturally comes in when your content gets displayed to your followers’ followers, too.

3. Join the discussion of your followers.

As you post content that encourages interaction with all the related hashtags tackled on the previous step, do not leave them hanging once they engage with it. Talk to them as if you’re a close online friend, giving them a sense of familiar friendship. In that way, consumer loyalty is commenced. Be polite and friendly to them all the time.

4. Rehash or repurpose other related content.

Many content topics have strongly become blockbusters in different periods of time that they never go out of season no matter what. Some subjects are meant to be in the limelight several times or so. That is why repurposing content is a good way to keep up with your brand’s growing process. Pick up on what the other accounts are exhibiting or discussing, those that gained a significant number of interests, likes, and engagements. Get a different angle and recreate or adapt it. Do not forget to indicate credits to the owner of the content, if necessary.

5. Use other platforms to promote your Instagram posts.

It is coined as cross-promotion. It is most effective especially when you have a diversified set of followers per social media account. You can post on Facebook, share on Twitter, publish on LinkedIn, pin on Pinterest, and whatnot. Go wherever someone might be seeing you and what you create. Gift your art with freedom.

6. Master providing exceptional art.

Instagram is still an online art gallery, come what may. Make sure you are offering creative, high-quality and visually appealing content to your customers. Sometimes, credibility can be measured in good design. Keep an eye on your reputation by curating all your ideas to present the best, and only the best content to your audience. Practice more until you master your craft in accordance with your market’s needs and wants.

7. Make enough posts in a day.

Learn how to gauge the number of posts your followers would like to see on their feed. Be sensitive to how they actually react on what you post! See how they respond. Would it be better if you tease them with a 30-second video for your next post rather than drop a 30-minute live video?

Know your audience well. Do not overwhelm them with tons of irrelevant posts nor push them away through a cascade of boring stuff.

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